Sushi Shoh Japanese
Sushi Restaurant
406 Dewey Blvd,
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 681-0128
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Item Name Price

Y01 Ramu Yaki

Grilled lamb chop with seasoning

Y02 Butaniku Yaki

Grilled pork and scallions on skewer

Y03 Negima

Chicken with scallions

Y04 Gyu Hire Yaki

Grilled angus beef fillet mignon

Y05 Hotate Bacon Maki

Hokkaido scallops wrapped in bacon served with ponzu sauce

Y06 Tebasaki

Free-range chicken wings

Y07 Shiitake

Fresh Japanese mushrooms

Y08 Shishito

Fresh Japanese green peppers

Y09 Surumeika Yaki

Grilled Japanese squid with mayo

Y10 Namajake Sumiyaki

Fresh salmon fillets wrapped with bacon

Y11 Yakitori Moriawase

Chef's choice yakitori appetizer 6 different skewers

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